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Skill With Prizes (SWP) games are generally based on trivia questions, although recently card games, memory games, and skill games have become more popular, especially among younger players. Installing a SWP gaming machine into your Manchester business could be one of the best decisions you make.

Although SWPs pay out prizes, they are legally defined as games of skill, as there is no element of chance involved. Awards are given based upon either reaching a required score, or in tournaments where players compete to record the highest score during a tournament period.

Skill With Prizes machines are most popular among younger players, and are especially profitable in pubs frequented by students, of which there are many in Manchester. As they are often played by more than one player at a time, it is normally essential to position them in an area with more space.

SWPs can be installed into your Manchester establishment on a straight rental basis or through an income-sharing agreement.


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